Whether serious relations at you with the girl, or it something other?

It would seem, here all a life should is simple – there is a girl, there is a guy, it to be pleasant to it, it looks after it, it like not against – everything, it and is relations? Any who already had normal relations, will tell that to relations here is still far. Nevertheless, at a forum continually there are people who consider differently. Certainly, it is possible to name relations any mutual relations between people, here only as love relations here and does not smell.

Obligatory point of relations is sex or intimate affinity. Adult people are engaged in sex, and here the youth can reach differently somehow intimate affinity due to various reasons. So, for example, with the virgin all can be limited to a petting or a cocksucking. It is quite enough of it, that you became the only thing with whom at it it is serious. Last reservation is not casual, as at the girl, the weight of admirers with which it can walk, go to the cinema, in cafe, on discos can be especially nice, happen one of these days births and parties to friends. But, if to ask, whom there is a girl – she will tell with with whom it has reached intim. Therefore, if you do not have intim with the girl, relations are not present you, and that at you occurs, it is possible to name somehow differently.

On it it would be possible to finish article but if to speak about serious relations except single sex or intim there should be something else. Also it is impossible to tell that if you have overslept with the girl. That everything, you already meet (though some girls can and think).

Any relations are characterised by a regularity, and it means that you regularly meet the girl, have regularly sex, and regularly do still a great lot of things. If for you it for the first time I, perhaps, will list what exactly it is possible to do with the girl:

Together to walk and be engaged in different activity – to attend dancing courses, to go to the cinema or theatres, to visit pool, to go to campaigns.

To have the general friends where both of you accept normally, instead of simply one as an appendage. Normally to be on friendly terms in steams.

To congratulate each other on holidays, birthdays. To think up the holidays (type day when we have started to meet).

To communicate not only on superficial themes, but also that really excites you.

To care about each other when there is such necessity – for example, at illness.

To make joint plans for the future. For example, where to spend holiday or summer.

To exchange resources – that is to do for each other any things which relatives or friends can usually make to you. The most banal, the girl without problems can pay for you if suddenly you have forgotten a purse and not begins to demand money back.

Very important indicator of good and qualitative relations – you receive as much, how many and a beret. That is, there is no such sensation that you as a horse pull a cart, and all for it, and it only and does that with gratitude accepts it. The girl who appreciates relations and you, itself will call to you, to suggest to meet, give you on birthday gifts. To arrange any surprises, to help to organise leisure and in every possible way to show the initiative. And you should not stir to it at all it to do or refuse. And at the same time most not to relax and not to hammer on the girl. Because interchange also does relations harmonious.

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