We involve love on the hair dryer-shuj

The love – hardly probable not the most important concept for the hair dryer-shuj, therefore the hair dryer-shuj gives huge value to creation in the house of atmosphere of love, bright romantic relations.

And it is not casual, because as practice shows, more than half of people which apply about the help to experts the hair dryer-shuj, have this problem – or absence of love as that, or the astable, not arranging parties of the relation. That advises the hair dryer-shuj that the love has come to your house and for a long time there was late.

The first rule the hair dryer-shuj – the love needs to be constantly supported

the Masters hair dryer-shuj often compare love to a fire – if it not to support fire wood, it will quickly burn through. As also the love does not suffer monotony and constantly needs new emotions. Many people, becoming pair, cease to surprise each other, gently about each other to care, their life turns to boring routine – it is dangerous illness which can end

with rupture. Therefore, before to practise the hair dryer-shuj for love attraction, be defined, whether to be ready you always new, interesting to the partner, to search for compromises in quarrels, or the man, that &rsquo is simply necessary to you; to be at the peasant.” In the latter case the hair dryer-shuj for love is better not to be practising, because your thought is material also any talismans will not help to result in the house the man only that it there was. To lie down love, the hair dryer-shuj demands only one – you should want to love really.

the Ritual hair dryer-shuj for love attraction

one also If you want to find with the help the hair dryer-shuj the love, you need to define accurately and whom you particularly want to find, and only then to spend love ritual. The matter is that the technique of love does not provide the hair dryer-shuj that you suddenly will have crowds of admirers among which you will choose to yourselves pair. The Hair dryer-shuj will bring to you such what you will reserve, therefore it is necessary to concern attraction of marriage partners very circumspectly. For all variants to which you will be offered at random by obsequious destiny, can simply not approach. Here that is necessary to do…

– To make the list of qualities which you would like to see in the elect. The love hair dryer-shuj advises: do not hurry up, write, wait a day, still remember something, add, every other day still read, can supplement-cross out, while accurately be not defined with the list of merits which should be at your man.

– The second step – write the list of lacks which you are ready to accept in your elect. That is such which though also it are not pleasant to you, for happy relations a barrier do not become. For the hair dryer-shuj of love it is very important, after all to alter who will not be. This list too consider attentively – if something gets to it that you basically hate, but because of loneliness try to hide, “perhaps let’s ride” ritual for love of sense will not have the hair dryer-shuj. All should be fair, for you yourselves write, not for the neigbour.

– When you will have two lists, use the hair dryer-shuj for love, send the information to a love perfume. For this purpose copy both lists on a pink paper, curtail its tubule, put in an envelope or a casket and put in a zone of love the hair dryer-shuj.

Love zone

To calculate, where at you a love zone, very simply. The zone of love the hair dryer-shuj settles down in distant on the right to a corner as you enter into a room. A drawing room it, your room or a bedroom – you solve where you want to see this man potentially. Masters advise the hair dryer-shuj to construct in this place the original small altar devoted to love. Icons any it is not necessary – there it should be pure and it is light, put two chairs or armchairs, a small little table, hang up a picture or a figurine with the image pair. Such place where you could sit together with the elect. In the same place in a casket should lie and the letter made by you, which needs to be re-read periodically always to have in a head an image of the potential beloved.

Symbols and talismans love

To involve in the life new love or as a variant, to return former passion to gradually dying away feelings with already existing partner, the hair dryer-shuj advises to use the symbols of love strengthening your desire.

The picture with peonies is considered in the hair dryer-shuj very strong love talisman. If you the lonely girl also want to marry, the picture with peonies (and whenever possible – and live peonies) should be placed with an input in a bedroom. If you already married peonies in a bedroom will make your husband more loveful, but are danger that he begins to look at the party. Therefore an ideal variant – a picture with peonies in a drawing room.

Crystal or glass crystals – one of the best symbols “mothers-zemli”. If to place them in a corner in the southwest bedroom, it will bring happiness in love relations. Before to expose or hang out a crystal, it needs to be cleared, having shipped for seven days in water with sea salt. If you want, that the man spoke about the feelings, the crystal should be illuminated.

Pair symbols symbolise natural connection of two beginnings – man’s and female. The brightest pair symbols the hair dryer-shuj for love are the pair of ducks-mandarinok, steam of frolicing fishes or steam of the traces symbolising traces of the Buddha. However, you can place any symbols which in your representations symbolise love – swans, pigeons, figures of the man and the woman, other images. The main thing is that there were two and it is obligatory RAZNOPOLYE.

And, at last, a bedroom. The Hair dryer-shuj considers that this most mysterious place in your house or apartment, and how it is equipped, in many respects depends your private life. As it is a big theme, journalists arabio.ru have prepared on a theme a bedroom the hair dryer-shuj the special material, which announcement you will find at once under this article.

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