How to save relations with the favourite

All of us it is dreamt of the wonderful wedding transformed by the host in a fantastic celebration. But until, as the leader invited to wedding will fix wedding solemn ceremony, having organised for you unforgettable festival, it is necessary to manage to find common language with the pleasant person, and to be assured that you will manage to save rather happy mutual relations.

Any woman dreams to meet such man, with which:

— it will not be necessary to strain;

— it will be possible to be oneself;

— relations will develop simply and easily, to mutual pleasure.

Also believe, many men dream in relations with the woman of the same. And here after long searches we at last meet the person close to us on spirit. And then we so would like to relax and release reins. It seems to us that now all will be perfect and so, without any efforts from our party.

However the sad trap consists that only one love never happens enough! And while you has twirled in a whirlwind of emotions and passions, you can and not notice, if in something and somewhere you have a failure. But then, when intensity of emotions will start all to die away more strongly, you in itself will have a question:

«Where the passion has got to?

And why its touches any more do not call delight?

Why the former prince has turned to such usual person »?

All the matter is that as well as any fire, the centre of relations can go out very quickly if about it not to care. Unfortunately, many people think not of how to save arisen fire, and how to light the new. And after all it is much easier and more reasonable to save already lighted up fire, after all at times it is necessary to spend a lot of time that it has flashed at least once.

Therefore it is important to understand that it is necessary to look after a fire constantly – not to allow to blaze with all the might, and at the same time not to allow to fade, that is in time to throw fire wood. Only then the fire will burn constantly, warming you the heat.

So, the first rule of happy relations – a distance! As soon as new relations begin, it is joyful and interesting to you from new opening. But at the same time with each new step to rapprochement with the partner your relations are left by novelty and ease.

The reason in that many people aspire to open completely to the partner that it has accepted them such as is, and to receive from an external source acknowledgement of the value. So occurs because all want to be favourite but very few people is able to love. As you can accept other person such what it is if you cannot accept even yourselves, with all lacks and weaknesses.

So – a key rule – save a distance, do not aspire to adhere to itself of the person in any ways. For you from you will not leave, and that has left – that not yours.

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