How to make relations with darling interesting and strong?

What can we make quite independently, not otkladyja in a distant box?

First of all it is necessary to be convinced that for you it really is very important to strengthen relations with the partner.

Then before something to tell, make, or plan it is possible to wonder: “whether what I want to make, tell now to improvement of my relations Will help? ”

And to strengthen effect, having wondered: “What can I make now to improve the relations with the favourite person to me? ”

Now we do, that have planned. The main thing to understand inside that all of you do it for the sake of your relations.

It is thus very important to support itself in these actions, to rejoice successes to even the small.

Can help on this way and the formulation of any simple, remembered rules to which you will be easy for remembering and embodying.

For an example I will present 5 USEFUL PRINCIPLES for strengthening of relations from Elena Tararinoj (I adapted them for use by both partners a little)

“it Happens so that people love each other, but relations do not develop in any way, all the long days pass in infinite quarrels, and to understand, what’s the matter, it is simply impossible.

However, all is reparable! Lodge in the head these 5 principles – they will not take a lot of place – but will make relations with favourite rather interesting and strong! ”

1. A replenishment principle

“This is the error to think that time you all together will automatically occur now. Look back around, all in the nature or is exposed to destruction by external forces, or samorazrushaetsja. The same occurs and to relations. If one or both partners cease to be put in them, rupture is inevitable.

2. A territory principle

It is the error to give itself to all the partner, having forgotten about other spheres of life. The partner relations and is it only a part of your interests, but not all on light. You should have a personal territory, the hobby, hobbies, desires etc. Differently then will be classical: “I on you the best years, and you…” lead the life!

3. A movement principle

It is the error to cease to develop, learn new samosovershenstvovatsja. Our world is dynamical, and if you have stood at one level you will be overtaken there and then by faster. It is necessary to be interesting to the partner, and the best way for this purpose is always to learn new, to live with interest etc.

4. A trust principle

It is the error adhere to the partner, depriving of its personal space. Re-read the previous points, and understand the partner too should develop, have certain freedom and to lead the life, and not just relations. If the person is not able to combine a personal liberty and fidelity in relations – think, and whether it is necessary to you such?

5. An addition principle

“it is important to pair to create the general space. Something should be obligatory that unites your pair at three levels: emotional, intellectual and physical. As you understand, it is a question not of children, the apartment and the doggie. Think right now that you can make for strengthening of your relations and do! ”

If all the same it is not possible to adhere and operate on a positive wave in a direction of improvement of the relations with darling, it is important not to despair and search for other ways including to dare at the reference behind the help to other person, the expert. The main thing to remember the purpose and to go to it))

Come! I will be glad))

Address! Is ready to offer the help as the family psychologist – the psychoanalyst constantly working with steams, enduring crisis in relations. I will be always glad to help you or your relatives! The psychological help to the families enduring crisis – one of the basic spheres of my professional work as practical family psychologist, psychoanalyst. Experience of family consultation and consultation of pairs more than 15 years.

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