How to save relations with darling?
The maintenance: Interaction of people with each other is a basis of formation of a society. Still in a greater degree it concerns relations between the man and the woman. After all thanking these relations…


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How to become happy and favourite?
How to decorate relations between the man and the woman? In some steams after several months or years there is a certain cooling to each other. But, as speak - over relations it is necessary…


Female training «Art to be favourite»

To accept and love themselves such what to eat, learn to build relations with men that they brought only pleasure and happiness …

Each woman dreams of it. Whether at all it turns out?

Female training «Art to be favourite» is created specially for those who aspires to bolshemu in relations with men.

Work in female training goes at deep personal level. It allows each participant to open own potential to the full. The interactive educational technologies applied in training, will allow to master a studied material deeply. Right after the terminations of training of the participant can apply all received experience in the life.

The training program is opened to the most different expectations. Participants can work with own, significant situations.

The training program:

The man – who it? Secrets of relations with men. Man’s psychology

How to the woman to get acquainted?

Dialogue in a sign language

How to reach internal harmony. Modes of work with itself

Effective self-presentation: image, a plastic arts and speech

Building of effective mutual relations with men: in bed, on work and dr

Fastening of the necessary relation to

To develop self-reliance, in the forces, to let know to each woman that it is unique and to conduct work on development of this uniqueness.

To develop ability to love and appreciate, to be self-assured;

To open the advantages and to work the lacks

To develop natural appeal

To get rid of complexes

To learn to take pleasure from the body.

To receive knowledge of, of men, of ability to build the relation

Target audience:

Women at the age of 18-35 years

That will receive slushatelnitsy:

How to be more womanly and it is more attractive

How to create an attractive external image

How to open the beauty and sexuality

How to understand, what man is your ideal and that it is necessary to undertake that it to find

How to influence a sight, a voice, behaviour …

How to behave with the man, and how to teach its messages with you how it is pleasant to you

How to love itself and as vljubljat in itself

Training methods:

As methods interesting exercises and games which, will allow to look under another aspect at itself and the life, a lecture material are used, it is a lot of themes for discussion, and also meditative experts on strengthening of own force, on sexuality disclosing. Intimate conversation, tantsevalno-impellent exercises, elements simvoldrammy and art therapies, spontaneous improvisation is besides used.