The councils resulted in this article, for those to whom do not give rest questions: in what of the reason of unsuccessfully developed relations with

the girlfriend or why once again it is not possible to enter into serious relations.

I will describe history of one of visitors of our site on which basis the possible reasons of unsuccessful relations will be established. Thereby, having specified to you, expensive reader, a right way to construction of harmonious relations from the beloved.

So, in brief I will describe a history essence:

“Has easily enough got acquainted with the girl, has managed to interest her, and has invited to appointment. The first appointment has passed successfully, even it was possible to present the darling a sweet kiss. Then relations have started to develop most in the best way: romantic walks on park, a supper at candles, etc. However further buketno-konfetnogo the period in relations it was impossible to promote. Each time when I suggested it to go out of town and reunite with the nature wherever who and that could not prevent our solitude, the girl masterly otmazyvalas, referring to the employment. Continue reading

How to leave the girlfriend

Here than the favourite are good? Well, clearly. Touches of hands, fleeting poglazhivanija, hot kisses, passionate words, “kisses” in an ear … However, one of the most perspective possibilities in relations in with favourite it is gentle to spend a palm on its hair and softly to speak: «Otvjan, the fright!». A female variant: «Otvali, a gibbon!». Actually it designates your desire to cut off a thread of destiny with the given concrete person, i.e. to tear off all spectrum of love and other relations. But, you see, this variant of farewell (Otvjan, the fright!) it is excessive, especially, if before you were connected by warm intimate feelings. Let and with the fright.

On the other hand, attacks of a following grade: «Otvjan, the sweetie!» Or «dry up, a kitty!», On the contrary, give a feather-bed, softness. According to some data, in 80 % of cases the initiator of rupture of relations is the lady. But there are those of 20 % of men that the first dissect a justice sword dead already relations with “weaker sex”. The author also sings the praises of them and asks a question: so what way of parting with favourite to choose?

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How to save relations with the favourite

The essential factor giving development in the diversified plans, relations and knowledge how to save relations with the favourite are. Certainly, important for productive development and prosperity. Anyhow, what relations would not be, their maintenance is a true art which is got far not at once. Your relations with favourite it is dynamic process which has various stages and characteristics corresponding to given stages. For example, as a rule, in the beginning you idealise the partner, and to save relations with favourite to you more than simply. After all the partner is irreproachable and incomparable with others.

How to save relations with the favourite?

After end of an initial stage appear, both mutual reproaches and requirements to be improved depending on qualities of the partner. Now to save love in relations not so it is simple. Moreover besides vzaimorazvivajushchih relations can exist and such which aggravate development of everyone. Though people also are adhered to each other, and probably have and more deep feelings, vzaimodopolnenie all the same does not lead to progress. Continue reading

How to return feelings of the girlfriend?

Hello, has very much interested your site, esteemed responses and at me remains horoshoe impression about read and about your site and works of experts. Therefore has decided to ask the help at once for you. It is assured that experts of the expert (it would be desirable for me to understand also in psychologists as they = )))) and can help me with the decision of my problem. A problem following. I meet the girl, about 2 years we were together. Lived in perfect harmony. A floor of year began to live together back there was a big quarrel on bytovuhe and I behaved as the fool, kosjachil and not so validly concerned it sometimes). Have left and did not live without each other 2 months, only then I could hardly return it back. Have started to live together again, but already relations became another, less caresses i.t.d. As that I was not houses the whole month, work on uezdazh and when it has arrived have met me as met earlier (with pleasure that eyes shone it is possible to tell already from a threshold has run to embrace me), have passed couple of days all became as before, she then admitted to me that with me it is not interesting to it to walk or spend leisure-time, prefers to go for a walk with friends. With me to it comfortably to descend at cinema or on shops (dumajuju opinion in roles from outside, goes or there is no to it a dress), where as a matter of fact that and to communicate sobo it is not necessary, says that the habit is faster already holds instead of love. Continue reading

How to adjust relations with the favourite

Relations between men and women. Guys and girls always an uneasy question. Us always pulls to each other, but the reasons on which we lose each other or at all we do not notice even more. If and it is no more, anyway these reasons painfully will wound us, will cripple our life.

We offer “recipe” from the Art photo how to adjust relations with the favourite. You have already guessed that it will be a question of pictures. So it is possible to make by means of a picture and what picture is necessary?

To adjust relations with the girlfriend

To adjust relations with the girlfriend, it is necessary, at least constantly to remind about to it relation and not to disappear from a kind. “Feedback” is important – that we about it suspect the business. We not always tell proper words which from us wait and no means always we understand that from us wait. The main thing that many girls need to hear these words constantly. And these words should impress.

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