Relations of the favourite

In your dream quite positive images to dress a ring. To marry. – basically – it is not bad, but here one “hook” – a ring, as hamelion. The ” second to mum – my favourite.

Probably, your dream warns you about a possible deceit, too confidential relations with from whom you do not expect changes and treachery.

To see on itself – you are not sincere with the favourite; old broken off – intrigues; for the young woman – to lose your beloved will understand your deceit and will be ready to answer the same; a wedding veil – kind changes; for the young woman – to see itself on a marriage veil is the income, pleasure; has unintentionally fallen from a head – illness, grief; to reject aside – rupture of relations, dishonour; mourning – troubles, especially in business.

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In many respects your dream is decided, it is cast to you by your own reflexions and experiences, but in it there are also subconsciousness hints on forthcoming events, and to distinguish true signs from the cast you can only! I will interpret, and you try to understand! Continue reading

How to save relations with the favourite

All of us it is dreamt of the wonderful wedding transformed by the host in a fantastic celebration. But until, as the leader invited to wedding will fix wedding solemn ceremony, having organised for you unforgettable festival, it is necessary to manage to find common language with the pleasant person, and to be assured that you will manage to save rather happy mutual relations.

Any woman dreams to meet such man, with which:

— it will not be necessary to strain;

— it will be possible to be oneself;

— relations will develop simply and easily, to mutual pleasure.

Also believe, many men dream in relations with the woman of the same. And here after long searches we at last meet the person close to us on spirit. And then we so would like to relax and release reins. It seems to us that now all will be perfect and so, without any efforts from our party. Continue reading

How to endure separation from the favourite

How to endure separation from the favourite

When two enamoured meet together, their hearts fight in a unison, they understand each other from a half-word, so it is good and cosy together that the whole world ceases to exist for them. And during this moment enamoured it seems that so it will be eternal. However, life is very unpredictable, and in it there can be at times unforeseen situations by the person. One of such situations – test by separation, to which two enamoured is necessary for passing to strengthen own relations and to be convinced that nearby there is that person who is necessary.

Separation can happen for various reasons. For example, present that your beloved have sent in business trip, or to go into higher education in other country, or it has simply left in other state on earnings to support the family – the reasons on which there is a separation, it is a lot of. Thus it is a question, as you understand, about separation not per day, not for a week, and from half a year and more. Will wait the half? Or feelings will cool down and will pass into nothingness, as if snow on spring? For those who has answered positively last question, can not continue article reading – it is not necessary to you. Continue reading

Female training «Art to be favourite»

To accept and love themselves such what to eat, learn to build relations with men that they brought only pleasure and happiness …

Each woman dreams of it. Whether at all it turns out?

Female training «Art to be favourite» is created specially for those who aspires to bolshemu in relations with men.

Work in female training goes at deep personal level. It allows each participant to open own potential to the full. The interactive educational technologies applied in training, will allow to master a studied material deeply. Right after the terminations of training of the participant can apply all received experience in the life.

The training program is opened to the most different expectations. Participants can work with own, significant situations.

The training program:

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Relations with darling

Relations with darling

Whether often you notice, what relations with darling spoil because of trifles? Something not so has told, has made, has looked, has put, has offered or on the contrary has not offered … All these awkward moments are connected by that simply men and the woman think differently.

The woman, is inclined finds though any explanation to event all nearby, especially it concerns men. Any act should be subject to an explanation. And here the flight of fancy begins. Frequently women are inclined to aggravate is banal simple things, doing of all a super detective. Many clever, talented, beautiful women falling in love search for justifications to men and do not see obvious things, and many, on the contrary, see too many problems there where they are not present. Here in what paradox of thinking of different floors – in one situations the difference in a way of thinking leads really to aggravation of problems in relations, and in others – on the contrary, hides a true state of affairs.

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How to endure separation from the favourite
How to endure separation from the favourite When two enamoured meet together, their hearts fight in a unison, they understand each other from a half-word, so it is good and cosy together that the whole…


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