The councils resulted in this article, for those to whom do not give rest questions: in what of the reason of unsuccessfully developed relations with

the girlfriend or why once again it is not possible to enter into serious relations.

I will describe history of one of visitors of our site on which basis the possible reasons of unsuccessful relations will be established. Thereby, having specified to you, expensive reader, a right way to construction of harmonious relations from the beloved.

So, in brief I will describe a history essence:

“Has easily enough got acquainted with the girl, has managed to interest her, and has invited to appointment. The first appointment has passed successfully, even it was possible to present the darling a sweet kiss. Then relations have started to develop most in the best way: romantic walks on park, a supper at candles, etc. However further buketno-konfetnogo the period in relations it was impossible to promote. Each time when I suggested it to go out of town and reunite with the nature wherever who and that could not prevent our solitude, the girl masterly otmazyvalas, referring to the employment. Meanwhile, offered alternative: to meet in cafe and to sit to steam of a watch behind a coffee cup. After a month after our acquaintance, has once again decided to try to invite the lady to picnic where at the first possibility to incline it to long-awaited sex and, thereby, to pass to the following stage in relations. I have been almost assured that she will not refuse this time that relations became more confidential. Far from it. Understanding, than this action should end, it has again gone on popjatnyj, having told the following: “You are pleasant to me, it is interesting to me to communicate with you, but I am not ready yet to serious relations, is more correct in my plans setting of serious relations does not enter yet. We with you only friends. Forgive, if I have allowed to you an occasion to hope for something bolshee. Yes, we kissed time and again you, and in it my error”. After that conversation, I any more did not call to it and, certainly, did not search with it for meetings.

It occurs to me constantly: at any stage of relations of the girl frankly are disappointed in me and suggest to remain friends. At me already ten such “girlfriends”. I know that business in me, but in what my errors to me particularly consist it is not known. Like I so it is lovely and it is affable itself to a kind with girls, but further kisses I do not move ahead. I start to believe that someone has maleficiated me or has damned. Though there are girls whom the torrid love affair wishes to stir up with me, but these are to whom I am initially indifferent. And like nice by sight and for certain are not deprived those important qualities that I search in women so is not present, I feel, not my and all here. The heart has a will of its own. Here and now I have a girl, and relations with it “any”, as though she did not try. I with it only that it has stuck together me, and on horizon was not present another – rather desired. In general, there is no sensation of wished good luck. The hope to meet the girl of the dream still glimmers, but already on an outcome “.

If to be extremely short the answer to this banal history will be one – know the own worth. First of all, your darling would not be what belle, under no circumstances do not allow to it an occasion to concern you scornfully. If your girl not validly concerns you it is not groundless. On any consequence there is a reason. Know the own worth. And then you should not fawn and kowtow to beautiful girls so and to disappoint them. The confidence will help you to leave unnecessary luggage that weighed you till now. The girl does not appreciate your relations? Be resolute enough to leave it.

How to make sure, whether roads you to the woman?

Check up its self-return. I.e. whether it can offer something for the sake of you. In the beginning of formation of relations show the importance. Otherwise, by definition: that is easily accessible, is “cheap stuff”. Speech does not go about a money’s worth of own value, however, if though time allows it to pay for you at restaurant thereby you will underline the importance. And, you will not look the gigolo, principle business: to check up how much you it is expensive to it.

The eccentrical person in time put into place not verbal “arrival”, and a hint about unacceptability of its behaviour. To you it is important, how your girl concerns you? Then, unlike spineless slugs that are pathologically inclined to ignore neglect to itself from women, be ready to reconsider the relation to such girl: whether it is worthy you. Let to it know that do not intend to suffer the disrespectful relation to. If the girl, thus, shows the arrangement, not all means is lost in your relations. Otherwise, without a regret throw it.

Not always it is necessary to regard female tricks, as feature of nature of this or that girl. Neglect display is frequent are a part of female checks. It is necessary for woman to be convinced, whether you concern number all the same spineless slugs needing female attention. Moreover, women are inclined to constant testing at the initial stage of development of mutual relations.

Let’s consider a situation when the girl does not keep the appointment without explanations. Cease to keep ringing to it if she does not answer your calls. Allow to itself installation not to think of this girl, throw out it from a head. The worthy girl respecting you, necessarily will shortly call and, repenting will apologise, as itself understands that its trick does not have justifications, or on the contrary, will produce the weighty reason. If anything it has not occurred, it means to you not pair.

Let’s assume that you have decided to give it last chance, have and still phoned to it to find out the reason I offer the following line of conduct:

It: “Today to meet it will not turn out. I not very well feel, probably something have eaten not that”.

You: you (are silent)

It: “Hallo? You hear?”

You: “You have well thought before to tell to me this bosh?”

It: “That?”

You: “You could notify me on unforeseen circumstances in advance. Not decently: to promise, and not to keep a word. You show these the neglect to me. If you agree with me and similar not to repeat any more – then all remarkably. If is not present – dosvidos”. Without waiting the answer, hang up. 98 % that it will call in five minutes and will agree with your conditions.

How not to become its friend?

If the girl suggests you to become its friend in reply to your impulses to enter into with it serious relations. It means that it does not consider you as possible sexual partner. Why your relations have passed in the friendly? Or you from the very beginning incorrectly behaved with the darling, or you have not converged in bed (sexual incompatibility). In both cases an exit one – to leave. Not to spend the precious time for superfluous experiences and spiritual unrest. Believe to me, other exit is not present. Concerning sexual incompatibility: such happens. In it there is no your fault, and with it there’s nothing to be done. In respect of wrong behaviour: it is necessary to blame only itself and to draw objective conclusions. The error of wrong behaviour consists that you from first days of your relations should be able to adjust the girl on sex and to adhere its sexual imaginations to itself. How? It is the separate theme demanding the detailed description which you will find, having read article “How to adjust the girl on sex”.

In the conclusion I will add the following: if you are too strongly adhered to one girl, so, that cannot present the life without it (though your relations last only two weeks or month) in this case you risk to run into dependence. And after you will lose this girl. As she will cease to value you. When you will decide for yourself that it you – a gift of its destiny. You – happy chance in her life. Here then your life becomes happy and will find harmony in relations with the girl of the dream.

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