Methodical coin box

About quarrels, parting


For everything, for all you are thanked by me:

For secret tortures of passions,

For bitterness of tears, a poison of a kiss,

For revenge of enemies and slander of friends;

About valours, about feats, about glory.

About valours, about feats, about glory

I forgot on the sad earth,

When your person in a simple frame

Before me shone on a table.

But hour has come, and you have left from the house.

I have thrown a treasured ring at night.

You have given the destiny to another,

And I have forgotten a beautiful face.

Days flied, turning a damned plenty.

Wine and passion tormented my life.

Also I have remembered you before analoem,

Also called you, as the youth.

I called you, but you have not looked back,

I poured tears, but you have not condescended.

You in a dark blue raincoat are sad were wrapped,

Ah, whether I for a long time walked with you!

Ah, whether I for a long time walked with you!

So it is pleasant woods rustled!

Also I looked with love mute

All in your blue eyes.

And the soul exulted mine.

Extinct blood inflamed,

Also blossomed, the earth blossomed,

Also blossomed, the love blossomed.

Day spring, captivating day!

So privetno streams murmured,

And in wood, in a semilight shade

So it is light beams sank down!

As the river magnificently streamed!

As sheets easily trembled!

As clouds is blissful rushed!

I do not love your irony.

I do not love your irony.

Leave its become obsolete and not living,

And to us with you, so hotly loving,

Still the feeling rest saved, –

To us early to indulge in it!

For the present timidly and gently

The autumn pautinki blows,

In the flight sky as if the ships –

Birds, birds to the south depart,

Disappearing in a pink distance.

To heart it is difficult, to heart it is bitter very much

To hear noise of a farewell wing.

Now for me not simply autumn –

From me love washing has left.

Has departed, as if a stork-bird,

From other dream having looked younger,

Without burning with the desire to say goodbye,

About what the past without having regretted.

And the past – a song and an impulse.

Young stork, bird-dlinnonozhka,

Has early in the morning knocked in a window,

Happiness to me forever having promised.

About love violent running start!

Life that burns and disturbs.

The person, when it the person,

Without love on light cannot live.

To you I have been betrayed, as if a dog,

And for that caress was warmed,

And for that to me has brought the son

In a kind beak you in the cheerful summer.

How left, what fire has ceased?

People say that very much cared,

Lishku strewed grains gold

Also gave criminally a lot of will.

Means, that will do! That has left – was gone.

I the soldier. And, seeing death time and again,

Knew well: to surrender has not stuck,

So, I will not tremble and now.

Day is ended, tomorrow will be new.

In the house now it is silent. Anybody.

That you have done, useless,

Silly stork of my happiness?!

Well, farewell also be happy, a bird!

Anything not to turn back any more.

razbranivshis – it is possible to reconcile.

Having stopped loving – again not to fall in love.

And though heart has not forgiven a grief,

I, almost another’s in your destiny,

All for all good that was,

Now low I bow to you.

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