How to leave the girlfriend

Here than the favourite are good? Well, clearly. Touches of hands, fleeting poglazhivanija, hot kisses, passionate words, “kisses” in an ear … However, one of the most perspective possibilities in relations in with favourite it is gentle to spend a palm on its hair and softly to speak: «Otvjan, the fright!». A female variant: «Otvali, a gibbon!». Actually it designates your desire to cut off a thread of destiny with the given concrete person, i.e. to tear off all spectrum of love and other relations. But, you see, this variant of farewell (Otvjan, the fright!) it is excessive, especially, if before you were connected by warm intimate feelings. Let and with the fright.

On the other hand, attacks of a following grade: «Otvjan, the sweetie!» Or «dry up, a kitty!», On the contrary, give a feather-bed, softness. According to some data, in 80 % of cases the initiator of rupture of relations is the lady. But there are those of 20 % of men that the first dissect a justice sword dead already relations with “weaker sex”. The author also sings the praises of them and asks a question: so what way of parting with favourite to choose?

1. An amicable arrangement.

Here all is limiting simply. But, not less extremely, all should be fair. You speak, what yes, there was an epoch, you were together. In bed hot breakfasts happened to the heated coffee. Was not only morning, but also day, evening and night love. But minulo time, and feelings have cooled down. The breakfast has become rotten, coffee has exhausted, magnificent toasts zakameneli, the love has left. Also sing a song:

«Chao bambino! CHao bambino!

I have stopped loving you!

You are not necessary to me more, to Malvina!»

Here it is necessary to discuss parting conditions if is what to divide. Only the major point – to avoid mystery. If you do not report favourite why you tear with it relations (with it – for women) it “zamanaet” search of approaches to you to find out definitively in what the concrete reason of rupture. Other woman? Your decision on floor change? Bankruptcy? Desire to leave in a monastery or still where? Anyway, and the reason to give out all right! After all there is nothing more poganenkogo, than an innuendo. “neponjatki”, speaking to the modern language. They will smother all time while the secret will not reveal.

2. Mordoboj.

There is especially nothing if to divide, the second variant – simply to “send”. To you for insult will seize hair (if those are). And you be pushed away from ex-favourite, as from an annoying fly. You will suffer, but in all eyes will look the party sacrificial. It is a fast way of parting. Mordoboj – we will directly tell not a romantic deal, but you split, so to say, “Gordian knot” at once.

I used to know the friend, which on-full “ogreb” from a beloved when declared definitive rupture. «Yes!» – it then scratched a chin and a nervous tic ran on the person, – «I became for the period of a boxing pear, but have then twirled love with the Pear!» (So called its new passion), – «and were any more did not see and did not hear.». It agree, the Pear – a rare name, but for the sake of it it became itself a pear for a beating and has won.

3. Runaway (almost from chamber № 6)

From a cycle when the muzhik in house slippers takes a garbage can, there and then on kitchen admires, what manty shkvorchatsja on a plate at the wife / the favourite. And, for it shkvorchatsja! Leaves and … calls at a door back in a month! And that? Went, has fallen, has fainted. Has regained consciousness a month later. Has come home. Where was? I do not remember. An amnesia. Memory not “furychit”! The good wife will offer: «Go, manty eat. And that for a month have cooled down already». And here – leaving, runaway is how to cut off a certain part of the life.

To come back in month, year or not to come back at all – to solve already to the man. After all to leave in runaway for a month, year is, by and large, not runaway. It – temporarily to leave. But even runaway for a while – an excellent reserve for rupture constant.

As though training before the most resolute rupture. Such, that «with meat». For ever.

4. Open scandal.

Here it is required, as to the commander to act in direct confrontation from the ex-favourite. In advance to count losses. To understand, it is how much plentiful you are ready «to irrigate blood» a battle-field. “mordoboj” the given way differs from point that now you go to attack, as the commander (well, as Jeanne Dark if you are a woman)! Here, either – a victory, or – a head in bushes. Here again it is necessary to hate at least slightly the former passion. And it is easy! From love to hatred only one short step. Otrytyj scandal – a radical way to destroy the relation.

6. A good mine at bad game.

The similar way long, tiresome, but it is anaemic. You feel that relations for a long time already «were covered with a copper basin», but is more conveniently and more easy more quietest to pretend that the former fire of passion still glimmers. It is a way of small insults, mutual superficial reproaches, boredom, complaints, a deceit. A method pokanjuchit about weight of the share. The commonalty has named this condition: «to Pull a cat for I …».

If you do not wish to incur responsibility for rupture – well, it not the most bad variant. Only to last this condition (instead of a cat!) can months. Moreover, happens, and years. Yes that there, all way terrestrial! If there is in you so much patience and composure – rather convenient variant.

Finishing our miniresearch «How to leave the favourite?» We have meaningly lowered a variant: «DRYNOM IT ON the HEAD, And – In the RIVER». Though, sometimes fleeting intentions similar to it can arise. But we ecologically friendly rebjaty! To throw former favourite – dead persons in the pure rivers … For it there can be a penalty for it is broken ecological norms!

Therefore, let’s follow nevertheless to a technique «With favourite – do not leave!». They on that and favourite that we love them! And the longer, the better.

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