At least, it is necessary to try

Dear friend, if you want to understand how to behave in this situation so,

Not to do errors, to find forces and patience and, in the end

The ends to Return the Girlfriend – read the further text very much

Attentively. Here you necessarily will find for yourselves the decision

I promise!

Trefilov Dmitry

I know, how it is sick – to leave darling. And, to leave not voluntarily and not under the mutual arrangement, and contrary to them.

I know how many spiritual unrest, insults, despair and powerless rage the man whom the girl has suddenly presented with a fait accompli – “to relations the end tests!”, “I leave”.

I remember, how it is intolerable hard.

It would be desirable to destroy and hate. To break in blood fists from fury and thus to roar, as the child – for insult.

This separation breaks off heart on a part literally.

Those who through it has not passed, will not understand your experiences. They will persuade you not to be upset, relax and find somebody another. To try to distract you with serious experiences and heavy thoughts. Or easier inattentively to amuse. They will try to convince you that your former girl is not necessary all these sufferings and to urge not to slobber.

As though it is very simple – to take and forget that which some time ago was to you so is close. Time – also was switched!

They will not know that to anybody another to you to switch the attention now simply it would not be desirable. And. It is could not.

That all it to understand, it is necessary to endure all it most. Deeply. Strongly. And up to the end.

I know, about what I speak.

If you, my dear Friend, have come on this page not casually, that, I think, to you now very much and very badly. Probably, you search for a way from this pain to be released. Or simply to be forgotten. For example in an alcoholic dope.

But know, what? – It it is not necessary to do!

The man should endure rupture.

And to endure it. So – as the man!

If you have thought, as if now I the same as and, probably, all your friends and relatives, I will urge you “to hold blow” and not to slobber, you strongly are mistaken.

That the man should worry rupture, does not mean yet that it should spit on the fact of parting. It does not mean that he is obliged to cut out memoirs on the girlfriend from the heart. On the contrary. It would be just not so difficult. And the majority of men in due course to this technique resort – in some weeks, months, and even years after rupture they will amputate from the soul all that has been anyhow connected with former love literally. And since this instant live, as. Sincere invalids, whether that.

No, in my opinion to worry rupture is means:

To feel all that pain which parting bears, to realise the reasons which have resulted in it and to throw down a challenge inevitable – to try to correct all!

The man should for love struggle. Otchajano and it is fearless. This my deep belief.

And consequently I call you, my dear friend to make attempt to rescue the relation with the girlfriend. Certainly, if you really love it. Instead of are simply upset that so have unfairly thrown you.

Agree, to lower hand you always still will be in time.

Why in that case not to make it then? After you will show all that, on what are capable. After you will surpass yourselves in struggle for those relations which appreciate also with which value.

To lower hands, I repeat, and to recognise inevitable as inevitable it is possible only after this inevitable you will try on durability.

But, by the way, know that? It seems to me that if you have found this page if you have read all that I here have written till now, most likely, you already struggled for the left girl. Also continue it to do. As be able. Simply your knowledge and your experience for the decision of this problem. YET does not suffice.

So or not so?

If so you have got there where it is necessary!

Here that I to you will tell:

If you really love your former girl and for the sake of this love are ready though something to do, everything that is necessary for you for success achievement is an information

The information on how it to achieve.

And on your happiness you should not search for it at the friends and relatives who for certain will try to save you from excessive sincere excitements.

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