How to save relations with the favourite

Some simple common truths

Likely to each person that perfect time when he meets the half comes. During this period life is filled with bright paints, all seems easy and carefree, there is nothing it would not be desirable to think. But, unfortunately, such pleasant moments cannot proceed eternally. To all the end comes! Practically in all love relations there comes crisis. Many steams simply leave, without having managed to overcome such problems. As to lead to pleasant situations and to save relations with darling? How to reconcile with the guy? These questions we will try to answer more low.

From acquaintance before parting one step

Any pair begins the relations with acquaintance. After acquaintance the accustoming and grinding in stage to each other begins. It, probably, the most pleasant period in relations. Partners learn each other better, thus approach and together build love. During such period they test the most positive emotions.

But even this pleasant time starts to bother sooner or later. If there is no development of relations if the pair was at a deadlock between the man and the woman arise nedoponimanija and quarrels. The feeling of disappointment because of inactivity of one of pair comes. All the same whom, after all at each person the truth. Some steams suffer such problems, hoping that it is still possible to return. But to each patience the end comes! The broken bowl not to stick together if not to put to it a maximum of efforts. Therefore there is a definitive rupture more often and the pair leaves.

How to save relations with favourite and further to enjoy life?

That relations were included into the necessary channel, it is possible to use an interesting and useful method which the pendulum is called “More close-further”.

The essence of the given method consists in constant change of a format of relations. That is the partner always it is necessary podpityvat emotions, vljubljat in itself it is more and more. As not strange emotions should be not only positive, but also negative. For example, the period includes not big skandalchiki, quarrels, “chill” in relations “further”. But when time of the period comes “more close”, then it is possible to come off how to be told, under the full program. To spend with darling it is as much as possible time, to prove to be from absolutely new party, to go on parties, to be allocated from crowd. In a word to receive a high from life.

It is very important that such pendulum needs to be shaken moderately, depending on a concrete reality situation. Also it is possible to arrange to itself rest or the so-called neutral period of relations. But do not go too far. Otherwise all will be vain.

And to receive still bolshee pleasure from the partner, teach it to use this method. Together you easily will overcome all difficulties and save the relations.

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