How to save relations with darling?

The maintenance:

Interaction of people with each other is a basis of formation of a society. Still in a greater degree it concerns relations between the man and the woman. After all thanking these relations there are new members of a society.

It would seem, all know, the basic conditions of successful relations: successful sexual life, joint development, honesty and trust. However, despite it, in each relations there are crises during which time it seems that all has ended. However what to do, if it is a question of darling how to save the relations, what errors should be avoided?

The reasons of parting of pair

At the very beginning of relations when people are not familiar with each other, do not know habits each other, negative qualities when notice only that the person wants to show, relations develop intuitively, «it is pleasant – it is not pleasant». Gradually people learn each other, and in that case when nevertheless make the decision to remain together, sooner or later start to live together.

It seems that relations should be a constant holiday, however in that case when two loving people have a joint budget, expenditure gifts and surprises lose the urgency. Even in the event that the man will save money the woman will be dissatisfied with that it hides from it incomes.

However at the same time relations cannot develop under the scheme “work-house-house-work” as the life kills relations.

Here some reasons which can lead to rupture of relations:

For anybody not a secret that men lag behind in development women, therefore to years to 24 woman, as a rule, already reflects on family creation. If in the course of relations the woman understands that is ready to live with this man and sees mutual feelings from it, she starts to think that will soon receive the hand and heart offer. However men are arranged in another way. For them marriage in the majority a responsible step, and love – an insufficient occasion to marriage. It needs to rise on feet, samorealizovatsja, after all the man in the course of time becomes blagorodnee, statnee. And if the man can think of a marriage in 30 years for the woman is late. Therefore after long expectation and hints about marriage the woman is ready to leave the man, time he does not want to establish with it a family.

Many relations came to an end that is imperceptible for both relations changed. We will tell, if to relations of steam hours could not have a good long talk, played the fool and joked, and suddenly after any time all it somewhere was gone. People at all do not know, about what to talk, as though is sharp all general themes for conversations have ended. Here also leave – as it is possible to live with each other even if to speak there is nothing.

Whatever one may do, at each person the vision of the world, the sights. However the frequent quarrels arising because of different opinions, lead to rupture of relations.

One more enemy of relations – of attempt of control. Total control over the partner, over its movement, an interdiction of dialogue with friends lead sooner or later to deficiency of dialogue with other people and generate lie.

Happens so that favourite it is necessary to leave for some time. Engaged in everyone the affairs, it is possible to be lost, leave. Therefore how to save relations on distance, it is necessary to reflect in advance.

Therefore in time it is necessary to think of how to save relations.

What it is necessary to remember for preservation of relations

Two persons meet and live to give together pleasure each other, to be a support and support. It is not necessary to forget about tender touches, embraces. The fleeting kiss or embrace often tells more than words or loving sight.

Support and attention is necessary to darling, after all the partner is a loved one in independent life. In time without having given value to something important in partner life, it is possible to enter it into depression, to force it to lose stimulus in life, to lower hands.

With the partner it is necessary to talk, joke and laugh much, after all the humour is capable to discharge set of unpleasant situations. Relations should bring pleasure, every day should begin with that comprehension as it is good that this person nearby.

Men and women differently see all situations, sometimes the woman, trying to tell something to the man, hints about it, but he sincerely does not understand, about what she to it tries to tell. It can be connected that it is occupied by any another matter and cannot concentrate on it. It is physiologically proved that the brain of the man operates unidirectionally, carrying out consistently actions while at the woman it is some the attention centres at the expense of what it can carry out some actions simultaneously. Therefore the woman should say directly that she wants from the man.

Despite employment, it is necessary to find anyway time each other, remaining alone, being engaged in any joint business.

It is necessary to remember is more often the beginning of relations why the choice has fallen on this person that has involved in each other. It is important to remember that feeling when pair have understood that these two persons love each other.

Sometimes there is a question, in case of relations on distance how to save them in case of long separation? It is necessary to give to the person free time, as though it nearby. Many to talk, be fair and opened. The person should know, how on it miss and as it does not suffice. At possibility it is necessary to come to each other to support emotional communication that heart remembered the one for whom it is necessary to wait. Only it will allow to transfer separation.

It is periodically necessary to give the chance to distract, it is necessary to communicate with other people. Favourite does not replace the whole world, it becomes the companion on life, the most important and necessary, but it is necessary to remember and that dialogue with others allows to splash out emotions, to talk on other themes, to distract from a life.

Anyhow, to save relations always there is a sense if there is a love. Reticences and nedoponimanie can lead to that two persons who are loving each other, will be compelled to leave because of unwillingness to make concessions each other.

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