About love: without fear and reproach
"Mummy, do not turn off the light, to me it is terrible, and so finds itself out of fear of darkness, primitive horror for possibility to pass coming nearer removal, to bring under the blow…


How to save relations with darling?
The maintenance: Interaction of people with each other is a basis of formation of a society. Still in a greater degree it concerns relations between the man and the woman. After all thanking these relations…


How to make relations with darling interesting and strong?
What can we make quite independently, not otkladyja in a distant box? First of all it is necessary to be convinced that for you it really is very important to strengthen relations with the partner.…


Here YOU and IT! You together year or some years. The celebratory supper will decorate already such habitual evenings, the gift will long remind of

pleasantly spent time, but after all it is possible to note this remarkable event even more joyfully! We will tell, from all big loving heart to present beautiful verses.

Anniversary of relations. Verses

There will be no I your habit,

In your usual week-day,

That there was me everything, in all

Habitually personal and impersonal.

I want to be a holiday, in the spring,

Mute opening, shock,

Transformation, Sunday,

Always the bride – not the wife.

I will tell silently as I love!

To kiss your eyelashes,

Heart will flash as if a match!

Let so will be always, road,

Let there will be no destiny another!

Congratulations to the favourite

Favourite, we – two halves,

And our happiness is precious!

Among other people each other

We have found in the Universe!

Let change ahead wait

And new day brings pleasure!

Love, spiritual unity

Life transform into a bright holiday!

What is the happiness, I do not know,

But, meeting new year,

I understand and do not understand:

How it to store, that for ever?

Only I know: at all on a dish

With a gold border it lies.

Perhaps happiness – that with us will be,

Instead of that minulo for a long time …

I love so sincerely and purely,

I love so wildly and guilty,

To myself I do not find a place,

Love, after all it is not ridiculous?

To you I want to admit in all,

Soul to you to open the,

That I do not want to leave you,

That I love you for a long time!

About relations of loving people

Take away me in the fantastic world,

Where I will be one with you.

We will suit there a celebratory feast,

Let’s indulge in love unearthly!

That I could see your face

And to concern you with a hand.

Give to me of happiness at least for an instant,

All give only to me by one.

Present to me the love.

Be with me by itself.

Be and is happy, and many years are healthy,

As if I near to a bright fire,

And my heart flares on it,

As it is wonderful that you are such,

I congratulate you, road!

With you to be ready a boat,

That on it on the sea to float,

But you be to that boat – an oar,

That us a current has not taken down!

To you a star it is ready to be,

That eternally could love me:

That through millions years

Gentle light has fallen on descendants!

Simple everyday life has become more happily,

All in thoughts on you hours run,

I understand, the world such beautiful,

Only because that I have you!

There will come night, and me at all spitsja,

I look at stars that shine in darkness,

Also I understand, with the sky to me not to pay off –

It after all has presented you to me …