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How to save strong relations from the favourite?

Today the statement «they lived long and happily.» And to that similar statements frequently and remain on a paper, to be exact, in children’s fairy tales. In life all occurs differently. Practically in any relations meet both small household quarrels, and the large conflicts leading to rupture. And if with the first all is understood, what to do with serious conflicts? When the love boat goes to pieces how to save relations from the favourite?

Rules of strong relations

Responsibility always lies for two.

Remember it when once again will is proud to keep silent, considering what to be sorry at woman is an unworthy act for the man. Do not wait also that the girl will solve all for you. Remember to save relations on concessions there should be both, and at all someone one.

Ask directly

Straightforwardness quite good line for maintenance of good relations. If in relations suddenly something has gone not so, that a certain way to dot one’s “i’s” and cross one’s “t’s” is to ask the partner directly that does not suit it. Very often girls like to talk hints including to show the discontent. The history knows many pairs which broke up because the girl was expressed “foggy”, and the man of such hints did not understand.

Speak about problems and listen to the interlocutor

In relations very important not simply to be able to designate problems, and to speak about them each other. To classify ripened problem, it means to take the first step on a way of its decision. If you are irritated with its cosmetics in a bathroom, and it starts to shake from a kind of an open tube with paste it is not necessary to save in itself this irritation. Collecting on trifles such emotions, frequently pour out in grandiose scandal with a ware beating. And if at once to designate objects of irritation quarrels could be avoided.

Certainly, such conversation will not be productive if your interlocutor is not able to listen. Insufficiently simply to tell, it is necessary to be assured that you have understood and have taken into consideration the heard information. Otherwise conversation on problems threatens to outgrow in mutual recriminations.

Make a compromise and farewell

Perhaps, the answer – by concessions from outside each other will be the main answer to a question – how to save relations with favourite. And it means that both partners should be able to agree and make a compromise. Remember that than more someone from you will go obstinate and not to concede to another, especially close there is an outcome of your relations.

Certainly, ability to solve a problem together is impossible without ability to forgive. After all from errors nobody is insured (certainly, if it not serious offence). Also can, sometime you too stumble, and will ask about a pardon.

Remember that the success or crash of your relations depends on both. If you learn to speak with each other, to listen and be heard necessarily it will be possible not only to save to you relations, but also to increase them.