And you develop the relations with darling?

And you develop the relations with darling?

Many people understand that it is necessary to study and develop constantly to succeed in this life. Also do it, reaching very good results in business or career.

But, the majority of them, in the private life plan for development, standard steps do some and stop. Usually it is torrid love affair, then serious relations which develop into wedding, further a birth of the child, and all is adjusted … easy and clearly.

And then, the more easy and more clearly, the more boringly and, sometimes, more gloomy. And many understand it already then, and is very frequent too late!

If you were already defined with the half and that you in life did not have such picture, reflect on it now! Not very well, than you are engaged, at what level your affairs, search for the first work or you the successful businessman, start to develop qualitatively the relations with darling, bring in them brightness!

How to bring brightness in relations? VERY SIMPLY!

Understand that the love and sex is a prominent aspect which is reflected by a mirror in other spheres of human life!

Relations between two loving each other people have different stages of the development. All of us, of course, we want to love and be favourite, to receive bright and unforgettable sensations from it. But whether always we receive it?

Happens so that like all it is good, darling nearby, all is quiet and razmereno! But actually it not so! Nothing is at a stop, all or develops or degrades, all live or grows or dies. Relations with darling in this plan not an exception.

Remember, how your relations began, what you did, what wanted, how have been adjusted? Agree that then all has been directed on development of these relations. It both attention and care, both gifts, and any actions begin is better for favourite and it is more beautiful, and it is possible, and any mad on the one hand, but very clear with another, acts.

You were ready to put energy in these relations SIMPLY so, without expecting for it return, and just therefore received in exchange more than gave.

But always after rapid growth there comes other stage of development. It is smooth growth when already osoznanno, instead of it is blind, relations develop further. If this stage is not has reached — perfectly, means, it was not that it is necessary!

This stage of development of relations is accompanied by serious decisions — together to live, get married, become parents … And further, through certain time, all begins to fall under the schedule downwards — quickly or slowly, but it any more development.

Each relations are unique, and what are possible successions of events further, today we will not assort, you it and so you understand.

Now I want to show variants as it is possible to return development of relations to smooth growth and constantly it to support how to bring brightness, passion, novelty in already stagnant life.

These recommendations concern also men and women equally!

1. Make decision to subdue the darling anew — in any sense you (it) have already lost it, now it is necessary vljubit in yourself again.

2. Become better:


More attentively and more carefully

3. Give gifts — present flowers or a small gift SIMPLY so, without cause (when it was last time, for a long time?)!

4. Organise a romantic supper — create an intrigue, tell that in the evening you want to tell something very important, and then SIMPLY tell that very much you love it (it) — your words will be twice more valuable!

5. Spend unusual night, show activity and diversify your sex — somehow in another way, in a new fashion, the main thing not as usually, try to give in sex much more than to take!

6. Joke &mdash more; the humour always brings brightness!

Do these things periodically as it is possible is more often, the main thing do not demand anything for it in exchange! Have patience even if your darling not so roughly reacts to your impulses as it it would be desirable!

You sow brightness in relations, and these grains will necessarily sprout, if not at once, later!

Long love — it not the fairy tale, is pleasant work! The love passes quickly there where in it do not put!

Instants happy to you and bright sensations!

I devote given article to the last man’s holiday on February, 23rd and coming female on March, 8th! Do not wait for holidays — create their!

Success with us!

P.S. In given article I have passed all reasonings through own life!

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P.S.S.S. And what you think concerning development of relations with darling? Describe in comments!

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