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How to become happy and favourite?

How to decorate relations between the man and the woman?

In some steams after several months or years there is a certain cooling to each other. But, as speak – over relations it is necessary to work.

As to behave in relations, always to be interesting, favourite and desired?

– Try to be weak. At any opportunity ask to help – to open to you a door (pretend to be that it heavy, for example in the underground, in shop, at office, etc.), ask to put on to you a coat to clasp boots (for example, at you manicure). If the man lies on a sofa in one room, call him to the aid from other room (kitchen, baths), think out any occasions (to bring, lift, take something). You should try, that the man for the sake of you lifted a bottom from a sofa more often. And certainly, do not forget sweet golosochkom to thank him for the help, and can you it will award and potselujchika.

– Be always sexual, Seductive, coquettish, naughty, fun-loving, smiling, vkusnopahnushchej. Why men start to be interested with the years in very young girls? Them does not suffice in the coeval of playfulness, ease, mischief, shine in eyes. All it disappears at the woman in connection with residing of negative experience of construction of unsuccessful relations (change, alcoholism, fights of, etc. former men). Do not pull in new relations last memoirs, here can help practice of a pardon of men. Practise from time to time to the love sms your man, joint walks, potselujchiki in the street.

– To jump with happiness from gifts. Jump as the child, rejoice, kiss your man who has given you a gift, it is independent what – small or big, cheap or expensive, necessary or not necessary. Rejoice to EQUALLY any gifts! It is very important! And if all the same the gift has appeared for you not necessary, not interesting, you be glad and jump with happiness, and then tenderly tell, than further it is possible to please you still. The man should know accurately that to you to buy (model, mark, colour, the size and even it is desirable where to buy).

– All tell what at you the best man. Even if it not always so, all praise highly the man, this you create certain positive aura round your relations, and the man will aspire to become your ideal. Do not suppose also a word negative to your man, even with close girlfriends and native.

– Create in the house a cosiness, be hospitable. If your favourite scatters socks – do not abuse it and do not aspire to change it.

– First of all love itself! You know – if you do not love yourselves – nobody will fall in love. Love the man and trust in it. If the man has late come home or was late for a meeting – that tell, as you missed and worried. If the man to you sounds any the, in your opinion, not the right idea – you speak: “YES! And still. (Also add the vision of a situation)”.

Be always happy and favourite!