And you develop the relations with darling?

And you develop the relations with darling?

Many people understand that it is necessary to study and develop constantly to succeed in this life. Also do it, reaching very good results in business or career.

But, the majority of them, in the private life plan for development, standard steps do some and stop. Usually it is torrid love affair, then serious relations which develop into wedding, further a birth of the child, and all is adjusted … easy and clearly.

And then, the more easy and more clearly, the more boringly and, sometimes, more gloomy. And many understand it already then, and is very frequent too late!

If you were already defined with the half and that you in life did not have such picture, reflect on it now! Not very well, than you are engaged, at what level your affairs, search for the first work or you the successful businessman, start to develop qualitatively the relations with darling, bring in them brightness! Continue reading

Has struck the beloved how to restore relations?

Has struck the beloved how to restore relations?

I have got acquainted with the girl. To me to 38 it 23. As it has appeared, it is more recently cunning from the husband who periodically beat her, humiliated and last time in general head hematomas has reached rukoprikladstvo. It is not dissolved but already wanted to submit documents. From the first meeting we were pleasant each other, began to meet. But in 3 weeks she has told that will return to the husband as he begged to forgive, and it has believed. I have felt shock, spoke that all will return into place. But it has returned. As a result after pair-three good relations it again became by itself. Truth did not beat, was afraid. We have renewed our meetings secretly from the husband. She promised to leave from it and in the beginning of August it has made, having moved to parents. We planned to declare after a while ours relations to the parents and to build the family. Couple of weeks back it has come on a visit with the best girlfriend (wanted it to acquaint with me). I was not against, even is glad. But thus I in life had very bad event (discharge me from the office where I worked 15 years). It really tragedy for me. And having fun with girls, I thus during a meeting Continue reading

How to make relations with darling interesting and strong?

What can we make quite independently, not otkladyja in a distant box?

First of all it is necessary to be convinced that for you it really is very important to strengthen relations with the partner.

Then before something to tell, make, or plan it is possible to wonder: “whether what I want to make, tell now to improvement of my relations Will help? ”

And to strengthen effect, having wondered: “What can I make now to improve the relations with the favourite person to me? ”

Now we do, that have planned. The main thing to understand inside that all of you do it for the sake of your relations.

It is thus very important to support itself in these actions, to rejoice successes to even the small.

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