15 councils how to find the love

You all time dream of the perfect prince, but do not know, what it is necessary to do, that him to meet?

Do not worry!

Follow ours to 15 councils, and you will find the love.

Appearance, appointments, dodges … We will open all secrets!

I the most charming and attractive!

Before seducing someone, it is necessary to fall in love with itself, first of all! To believe that you charming, lovely, clever and interesting … This excellent beginning to leave about yourself good impression! How the guy can be fond of the girl, which itself does not love itself?

I develop the taste!

To aspire to meet the love it it is certainly good, but it is necessary to know also that you search. Because to meet though any guy (the full loser or a rag) hardly will bring to you pleasure and pleasure, isn’t that so? Without making an identikit of the ideal, try to understand, what you want to see the guy (darling, attentive, with beautiful eyes …). It will be a little reduced by a sphere of action!

I watch myself!

Instead of following an example with Bridzhit Johns and to be bored to death, lying on a sofa in a jumpsuit and absorbing chocolate, it is necessary to watch and look after itself! First, because it is good for health. And secondly, after an apricot mask and a weakening cream you feel on all of 100 %. So forward! In attack!

I think not only of it!

It so! In life there are also other things, except guys! Be engaged in the African dances, drawing, visit museums and galleries, read books … Having a good time in different places, you can get acquainted with interesting people!

I tell all straight!

You one also want to find the guy? Tell directly about it to the girlfriends! In it there is nothing shameful. And who knows, someone from them can knows the guy who would like to get acquainted with you.

I the optimist!

It is not necessary because of one unsuccessful experience with any guy, to take a jaundiced view of all. No, they not all full idiots, no, it not all think only of sex. In the world, full it is full, excellent guys. Look back! Look round itself! Be the optimist!

I will not begin to run behind each trousers!

To be free and independent, it is class! But, it is not necessary to panic and rush about from one extreme measure in another! If you one all the same it is not necessary to do not clearly that. First of all, it is necessary to respect itself and attentively to think before going on appointment.

I do not lie to myself!

Again to go for a walk with were, with the guy who is pleasant to you only on half, to try to seduce the teacher … It is not necessary even to start to move in this direction, after all you fine understand that it is deaf number. If from the very beginning your internal voice says that it does not approach you, safely throw it. At all do not deliberate!

I love people!

It is not necessary to wait for the perfect prince on a white horse that it has surrounded you with care and love! People round you too can give care and happiness. Enjoy life!

I spend not all time with the girlfriends.

First, this best decision to become competitors with the best girlfriend. And secondly, guys really are afraid of the big group of girls. Even if any guy will want to get acquainted with you, it never will make it if you go everywhere with the girlfriends.

I am moderately exacting.

To have principles, criteria and to be exacting, it is good, but without fanaticism! («About! It not the blonde with green eyes? Then, no!»), it is not known that! So be opened, even if hundred percent before you not Robert Patinsona’s double …

I smile to life!

It is proved: the positive girl who likes to have a good time, smile and laugh much more attractively and more charmingly, girls with a sad face and a haughty sight.

I accept myself such what I am.

To aspire to find the love does not mean to become desperate! Instead of throwing the arms round a neck to the first comer who has started talking to you, reconcile that while you one, leave the den and enjoy freedom!

I “hunt” in a proper place.

If you want to find the guy loving the nature and family suppers on Sundays you have not enough chances it will find at the Caste concert. Believe, it is not necessary even to try!

I give the second chance!

He does not know who such Maxim? He never looked «Dirty dances»? In your conversations there are white stains? Really, really, it is the weighty reasons to tear with it? Give it one more chance before to stop all relations with it, and that, perhaps, you will miss the love ….

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